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The name carries a profound significance. "Generation Alpha" signifies the era we were established in, and the era our system was born into – an era characterized by rapid technological advancement and unprecedented interconnectivity. Our choice of name also signifies our commitment to the children of this generation, the 'Alphas', who will grow up in a world where buildings are safer and more intelligent than ever before.
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Just as Generation Alpha is predicted to be the most technologically literate, influential, and impactful generation, GABES is a testament to our aspiration to revolutionize building safety systems. We envision a future where state-of-the-art technology, like ours, is harnessed to its full potential for the betterment of society and the safety of people. By choosing the name GABES, we pledge our dedication to creating a safer, smarter, and more secure future for all, starting with our buildings. As we look to the future, our name serves as a constant reminder of our roots, our mission, and our commitment to safety and innovation. GABES isn't just our name - it's our promise to you.
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Our vision is to lead the revolution in fire safety technology, setting new benchmarks in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. We are steadfast in our commitment to expanding our reach, impacting both local and international communities with our groundbreaking solutions.
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Our mission is to enhance safety during fire emergencies by leveraging cutting-edge technology. We aim to deliver an unrivalled fire emergency system coupled with comprehensive management services, thereby ensuring optimal security and efficiency. Our devotion to innovation drives us to constantly push boundaries in delivering a reliable, life-saving service.
image of Mr Ho-Yin WONG
Mr Ho-Yin WONG
Founder and CEO
PhD Student at HK PolyU Research Centre for Fire Safety Engineering
image of Mr Ming-Chi WONG
Mr Ming-Chi WONG
Co-Founder & CTO
PhD Student at CityU Architecture Lab for Arithmetic and Security
image of Prof RAY Chak-Chung CHEUNG
Prof RAY Chak-Chung CHEUNG
Associate Provost (DL), Office of the Provost and Deputy President Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
image of Dr. Xinyan HUANG
Dr. Xinyan HUANG
Associate Professor and Deputy Director at the Research Centre for Fire Safety Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


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